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The 2nd workshop has been held for legal practicioner on “Protection of property rights” topic
28.11.2016 1931

2-day workshop for legal practicioners was held in November 25-27 in Khachmaz district on “Protection of property rights” topic by GIZ Project - Legal approximation towards European standards in the South Caucasus. Within the workshop the group of participants that was primarily composed of young lawyers were familiarized with issues such as international and national legal standards of protection of property rights, conceptual and parctical aspects of protection of property rights in the light of the European Convention on Human Rights and case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, etc. As a result of the interactively held workshop, the participants have passed written quiz on the learned topic, as well as they were asked to offer their options on possible actual legal topics for further workshops, which they consider helpful.
The workshop was conducted by Farhad Najafov, Senior associate at BHM Baku Law Centre, Project coordinator at the Azerbaijan Law Reform Centre.
It has been also planned to hold analogous workshops on different actual legal topics in the following year taking into account efficiency of these kinds of events that are carried out in interactive manner.
It should also been noted that the participants were also familiarized with CoE HELP e-platform where legal practicioners may reach useful training materials on case-law of the ECtHR.

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