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A group of several Azerbaijani advocates have taken the initiative to found a new NGO, Azerbaijan Law Reform Centre (ALRC), the registration of which has been successfully completed by the Ministry of Justice.

In recent years there has been considerable democratic development in Azerbaijan, affecting many aspects of civil society.  As a result of this several NGO’s have been established with the aim of further protecting human rights and providing legal education to the masses.

Despite this however there is still much improvement to be made in this area, not least in the way that such organizations are perceived.  The propensity of some organizations to politicize their activity has lead to a lack of trust in the efforts being made to implement law reform.  The ALRC aims to strengthen trust in the legal sector and to deliver real results in the progression of legal reform in the country.

With the collaboration of international NGOs the ALRC will implement a number of projects focusing on; supporting and encouraging legal reform of both the legislation and the judiciary; improving access to justice for all levels of society and the availability of legal aid for those in need; providing legal education to citizens; providing dedicated support to the lawyers with a particular emphasis on supporting young and up and coming lawyers; and promoting reforms which aim to assist small business and entrepreneurs in conducting business in Azerbaijan.

Mr. Anar Baghirov

PhD in Law Sciences
Member of Bar Association

Member of Judges Selection Committee